This contact form is for PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS inquires only. This email will not contact any of the bands/companies Reel Bear Media has been employed by (both past and present) either.


1. What if I have a question about my order from REELBEARMEDIA.COM/SHOP?

Please contact for any questions regarding the shop.

2. Does Reel Bear Media offer internships/job shadows?

Reel Bear Media does not offer internships or job shadows. Time on the road with bands puts our team on their tour bus, a form a travel we do not have the power to reserve additional bunks. We will never offer those types of experiences.

3. How do I contact my favorite band your company has worked for?

Please visit the official Facebook and website of the band you are looking to contact. If there is no contact email or PO Box try reaching out to their label or management.

Have another question or are looking to contact Reel Bear Media directly for business? Please fill out the form below. Thank you!

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